Summits & seminars

Where people from city administrations meet each other.


Summits & seminars

Where people from city administrations meet each other.

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Can cities become more economically resilient through the sharing economy? We hosted together with NYC an online seminar (May 15, 15:00 p.m. CET), where Celine Zakaryan and Dawn Miller from the Taxi & Limousine Commission shed a light on pressing issues for gig workers, when it comes to social status, security and minimum pay. In particular, the new regulation to ensure minimum pay to Uber and Lyft drivers was discussed. You can watch the seminar recording here.


  1. In 2017, Amsterdam limited Airbnb rentals to no more than 60 days in a calendar year, but the city halved that number already this year. Nevertheless, the negotiation between the city officials and the platform has been problematic, and yet enforcing such limit is expected to be difficult. Do expect an online seminar in which Airbnb will explain its perspective, but at the same time will open to questions from city officials (Date to be confirmed)

  2. We will work with Sharing Cities Sweden, and all other interested cities on the question: How can cities become more sustainable through the sharing economy? And what is the role of sharing cities in advancing the SDGs? Do expect an online seminar on this topic in September / October 2019.

  3. Toronto will host a seminar with updates on the effectiveness of the taxi and holiday rental regulatory reforms in in the city. This is a follow-up after the 2018 online seminar based on new research. (Date to be confirmed)

  4. The heart of our cities is a vital and crucial junction of human travel. But anyone who as driven through a city centre know that the size of our central districts will not allow traffic to flow smoothly. The shared electric scooter started to appear as an alternative solution that promises to transform our cities and offer a clever alternative to part of the transportation challenge that so many of us face daily. Do expect a seminar on this topic (Date and hosting city to be confirmed)


"A game-changing conference and exhibition on the emerging sharing economy in cities"

During the 10th and 11th of October 2019, the Sharing Cities Alliance will be co-hosting a Sharing Cities Summit in the Swedish cities of Lund and Malmö. The purpose of the upcoming Summit is to bring together key participants engaged in the emerging sharing economy in cities around the globe to facilitate a critical discussion on the role of sharing cities in advancing the sustainable development goals and other related (sub)topics. The Summit aims to attract a diverse audience from government, business, academia and civil society to reflect the need for all these sectors to engage in creating a vibrant and sustainable sharing economy.

Conference @ Lund University on 10 October

Inspirational opening plenary, interactive lunch and breaks, and in-depth seminars bringing together a diverse audience and presenters of practitioners, researchers and policy-makers.


Exhibition @ Sege Park in Malmö on 11 October

A world-leading urban development project integrating the sharing economy into planning and infrastructure as well as an opportunity to explore and learn from the experiences and findings of test-beds in Stockholm, Malmö, Umeå and Göteborg.

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In 2020, the fourth global Sharing Cities Summit will be organised. More information will feature in our communication channels in the following months.

Please contact if you are interested in attending and/or hosting an upcoming summit and/or seminar.