10 years to save the world

Welcome to the Sharing Cities Alliance: a home for those urban professionals who feel the urgency, sense the potential and act towards shared, smart and sustainable cities.


10 years to save the world

Welcome to the Sharing Cities Alliance: a home for those urban professionals who feel the urgency, sense the potential and act towards shared, smart and sustainable cities.

‘The Sharing Cities Alliance facilitates city-to-city collaboration,

and enables city leaders to work together continuously.’ 

World Economic Forum, 2018 

Cities hold the key

  • Towards a shared future where every citizen has access to all that is necessary to live a life worth living.

  • Towards a sustainable future where cities are part of healthy local and global ecosystems.

  • Towards a smart future where technological advancements are utilised to contribute to sharing and sustainability.

we are a global community of urban professionals 

  • Our foundation is build on trust and transparency.

  • We are committed to unlock the opportunities and address the challenges of the decade ahead of us.

  • We meet regularly in our digital house and in the cities where we live.

  • We grow a collective memory that provides us with 24/7 access to our best and worst practices, technologies, case studies, policies and research.

  • We share our struggles and work together to overcome them.


"The sharing cities alliance is a game-changer. Not only because it will make urban professionals faster and more efficient in acting on societal disruptions such as the sharing economy, but also because it will allows them to team up and jointly work on building global answers to global phenomena."                              

The Huffington Post, June 2017.

born during the decade of the sharing economy

Since early this decade, cities from around the world are facing a number of sharing and platform economy related challenges such as consumer and worker rights, safety and security and data protection. The blurring lines between public and private activities are having an impact on licensing, zoning, taxation and regulation. On the other hand a growing number of cities are actively pursuing the opportunities of the sharing and platform economy to accomplish policy goals in the areas of social cohesion and inclusion, sustainability, economic resilience and innovation. Some cities are ahead in areas such as housing and tourism, while others are leading when it comes to entrepreneurship, mobility or citizen participation.

When Uber first connected the bits of the digital world with the atoms of the physical world a new digital era began. The sharing economy has been a key playground where we all started to learn how digital platforms are having real positive and negative impacts on cities. The Sharing Cities Alliance helps urban professionals to act on its opportunities and challenges and to share the results. Since the first Sharing Cities Summit in 2016, we have become a community of dozens of urban professionals from all timezones and very different cultures, yet all driven to create shared, smart and sustainable cities.

we are ready for the critical digital decade ahead

Operating at the heart of a global ecosystem for years has given us a unique perspective on our future lives in cities. We believe we are approaching a critical Digital Decade:

  • Critical: climate change accelerates while exponentially increasing technological possibilities lead to unprecedented levels of automation and platformization in a far from stable political climate. This is the make-or-break decade for sustainability and crucial decade for social inclusivity.  

  • Digital: Everyday, there is more technology in our lives, and more life in our technologies. Digital platforms and the data streams flowing through, are only forming the foundations of what is to come. New technologies emerge on top of these platforms and redefine our lives, our economy and society. 

  • Decade: Starting January 1st 2020, ending December 31st 2029, we all have to face and address this critical Digital Decade. 

How can a network such as the Sharing Cities Alliance help you navigate the decade ahead of us? What can we do with our collective knowledge, experience and intuition? Why would you be(come) a part of it?


why Join

why Join


  • You have a global network of experienced city shapers where you can always ask your questions and share your concerns but also the ability to celebrate your successes

  • We invest time in getting to know you. By meeting you online and in real-life we help you make the most out of your partnership;

  • We meet each other through summits, workshops, online seminars, and digital meetings based on topics that are relevant to you. You will meet your fellow city shapers from other cities who can help you and vice versa;

  • You are always up-to-date on the key developments affecting cities. We make sure to transform the interaction in our ecosystem into intelligence and inspiration useful to your short- and long-term work and ambition.

  • You receive a monthly magazine inspiring you with curated content from the Alliance ecosystem and beyond;

  • You have 24/7 access to our shared digital resource where all our experiences, case studies, policies, research and more are collected (ALEX).




Our partners

Deputy mayors and mayors from New York City, Amsterdam and Seoul are behind the inception of the Sharing Cities Alliance. Since they came together for the first time in 2016, various leading urban professionals have joined our ecosystem. As we arrive in a new decade our network involves dedicated leaders from: New York City, Amsterdam, Seoul, Copenhagen, Toronto, The Hague, Dallas, Washington D.C., Barcelona, Gothenburg, Malmö, Singapore, Tel Aviv, Ghent, Norwich and Cape Town.



Various teams from New York City are finding ways to make the most out of today’s opportunities while safeguarding the interests of their citizens. Luckily the urban professionals from the Big Apple are always ready so share their experiences. Their 2019 online seminar on installing a minimum pay for gig workers in the city is testament to both the city’s innovative potential and active participation in the Sharing Cities Alliance.



The City of Amsterdam collaborates with sharing platforms to solve social issues and to ensure a sharing economy for all. The city connected their city pass, a free card offering discounts or free entry to events and services for low-income groups, to sharing platforms.



The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that they established the first privately shared bicycle operation standard. The operational standard specifies guidelines to maximise the advantages of the shared bicycles while preventing the revealed problems such as citizen safety, city appearance, and public nature.



The popularity of ride sharing and hailing in Washington D.C. has increased enormously. D.C.’s Department For-Hire Vehicles (DFHV) is taking an active role to ensure accessible and affordable transportation for everyone. The city started pilot projects, leveraging big data, and created their own digital platform.



The city of Gothenburg, Sweden won the Eurocities 2017 Circular Economy Participation award with their Smart Map: a tool that maps the sharing economy in Gothenburg city. The Smart Map includes over 100 sharing initiatives and facilitates sharing in the city.



The City of Malmo, Sweden, is one of the hosting cities for the 2019 edition of the Sharing Cities Summit. Among the other projects, the City is actively engaging in transforming Sege Park into a model for sustainable living, with some buildings showcasing renewable energy production and others used for student housing or preschools.



The City-State of Singapore became one of the most liveable places in the world, with a dynamic and foward-thinking environment, but at the same time it’s trying to strenghten the social ties among citizens through sharing initiatives.



Dallas has shown significant interest and engagement in transportation, housing options, transformaion technology, and how to improve accessibility to services and resources through the sharing economy.



The city of The Hague (NL) is actively engaging in initiatives such as cooperative grassroots development. Its goals are to achieve poverty reduction and energy transition through local for-benefit networks, while exploring the intersections between the sharing and the circular economy.



The City of Ghent, Belgium, developed a transition plan for commons to document the growth of the commons in the city. Public policies have been implemented to support common-based initiatives, as part of a broader ecological transition.



The city of Barcelona is engaging in the specific field of collaborative economy and entrepreneurship, as within the municipality it has been implemented La Comunificadora, a specific program on sharing economy focused on commons, which offers several services such as formation, special assessment, open spaces and collaboration with various projects.



Digital platforms are coming to our cities. But what if a municipality would be able to develop its own city platform? Would this improve the ability to govern its digital city? The City of Tel Aviv has built a digital platform where already more than half of all citizens have signed up. This platform is now proving to be a brand new breeding ground for all kinds of local connections between citizens and local organizations, and a new way for the city government to engage.



Toronto has established a set of short-trm rental regulations for platforms such as Airbnb, as new forms of mixed-use real estate challenge a variety of existing regulatory structures, from zoning laws to housing codes and tax policies.



In December 2017, local organizations, NGO's, city council, universities and sharing economy enthusiasts gathered to rethink Norwich's future direction. The ambitious Norwich Sharing City campaign received great support and interest from the local community. In February 2019, Norwich was officially declared the first UK’s sharing city.



Cape Town is the latest city to have joined the Alliance ecosystem, and as of September 2019 is an official partner. We are excited to partner with such a diverse and fast evolving environment. Through our network and expertise, we are looking forward to help the City to reach its goals, and share best practices with our fellow partners.



Copenhagen is ranked 2nd on the global sharing city Shared Mobility City Index and also 2nd on the West Europe Shared Mobility City Index. Copenhagen set itself the goal to be the world's first climate neutral city in 2025, an ambitious and audacious goal.

why do city leaders decide to join the sharing cities alliance?

‘This new network is phenomenally useful to cities like New York. Until now, we’ve each navigated on our own. We’ve often been reactive, regulating in response to one company or one sector at a time. Now, we can strategize for the future’. I do want to strenuously argue for cities to join the Sharing Cities Alliance.’
Alicia Glen - Deputy Mayor of New York City


“Developments in the digital economy can go fast. Sometimes governments cannot keep up at the same pace as the platforms. In Cities we know that we depend on national regulations or European regulations and that also takes a lot of time. We don’t have that time. Therefore I think that the Sharing Cities Alliance is very important because there we can learn from each other. We can immediately exchange information. This makes us stronger as cities.
Kajsa Ollongren - Former Deputy Mayor of Amsterdam


“We have a traditional saying: ‘if you both suffer from the same disease, it is better to sympathise with each other.’ Together we can learn to better use existing resources to become more sustainable.  Together we will be better able to grasp the opportunity and to deal with the challenges ahead of us. I would like all cities to join forces and overcome our challenges together."
Ma Chae-sook, Director of Social Innovation, Seoul Metropolitan Government


"The issues we face are similar to other cities. Being part of the Sharing Cities Alliance offers us the opportunity to discuss our ideas, share our successes, failures and challenges. It enables us to collectively figure out how we can make our cities what they need to be."
Ernest Chrappah, Director Department Vehicle For-Hire, Washington D.C.





Let's continue to shape cities worth living in and navigate through the Digital Decade together. We are committed to stand the test of time, and to drive this decade’s major developments by moving firmly towards shared, smart and sustainable cities. Our door is always open for those travelling the same road.


  • Work together with professionals from other cities on common opportunities and challenges through online seminars and yearly summits

  • Get direct access to ALEX, the Alliance Lexicon. This is a digital database where you can learn from the experience of people from other cities through case studies, policies and research

  • Stay up-to-date on the most relevant developments from around the world through an inspiring monthly magazine.

  • Schedule digital one-on-one sessions with an expert from the Alliance foundation who will help you navigate the network and contents, and projects taking place within the Sharing Cities Alliance

  • Showcase your activities to a global audience 


Joining the Alliance as a premium partner will provide you with full access to all the activities of the Sharing Cities Alliance, plus a full-day visit by a member of the Sharing Cities Alliance Foundation. The purpose of this visit is to help you and the various teams within your organisation with the opportunities, challenges and strategies in the realm of shared, smart and sustainable cities. It is up to you to decide on formats such as: presentations, roundtable sessions, workshops, side-visits and one-on-one conversations.


Joining the Alliance as an associate partner will provide you with full access to all the contents of Sharing Cities Alliance but not to the interaction. The associate partnership enables you to follow everything that is taking place, without taking part in the (hosting of) summits and online seminars.

ALL urban professionals who strive for shared, smart and sustainable cities, ARE WELCOME TO JOIN THE SHARING CITIES ALLIANCE  


  • Full access to ALEX, the Alliance Lexicon, including access to the recordings of online seminars and summits

  • Monthly online magazine

  • Yearly online one-on-one sessions with a member of the Sharing Cities Alliance Foundation

  • Access to the annual Sharing Cities Summit

  • Access to online seminars

  • The possibility to host a summit and/or seminar

  • The opportunity to suggest topics of and for online seminars, summits, magazines and ALEX

  • Quarterly online one-on-one sessions with a member of the Sharing Cities Alliance Foundation

  • Showcase your projects & best practices

  • Full access to ALEX, the Alliance Lexicon

  • Monthly online magazine


  • A member of the Sharing Cities Alliance Foundation visits you and your organisation

  • Access to the annual Sharing Cities Summit

  • Access to online seminars

  • The possibility to host a summit and/or seminar

  • The opportunity to suggest topics of and for online seminars, summits, magazines and ALEX

  • Quarterly online one-on-one sessions with a member of the Sharing Cities Alliance Foundation

  • Showcase your projects & best practices

  • Full access to ALEX, the Alliance Lexicon

  • Monthly online magazine

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