Online database internship at the heart of the global sharing & platform economy
Please contact us to discuss the duration and the start of internship period

Are you someone passionate about research, exploring online databases and willing to have a positive impact on society? We offer a challenging internship for you! We are looking for a committed, proactive and enthusiastic intern to join our team. Ideally, you are solution oriented, flexible and have the ability to change course quickly, think big and start small, and thrive in a fast-paced environment.

About the Sharing Cities Alliance  
The Sharing Cities Alliance is an independent foundation that connects cities from all continents, and fosters city-to-city learning, empowering city governments to continuously address the sharing economy. We do this by co-organizing a yearly summit, organizing quarterly online seminars and one-on-one meetings with city officials from participating cities. Right now, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Dallas, Ghent, Gothenburg, Malmö, New York City, Norwich, Seoul, Singapore, Tel Aviv, The Hague, Toronto and Washington have joined officially and multiple other cities are in the process of joining (including Vancouver, Madrid, Johannesburg, Tel Aviv, Tapei, Tokyo, Adelaide and Quito).

About ALEX (Alliance Lexicon)

The main task of the intern will be to contribute to ALEX (Alliance Lexicon), a constantly evolving database in which the Alliance collects policies, research and innovation concerning the sharing & platform economy. The database itself is divided into several themes (e.g. mobility, housing, energy, environment, technology and data etc.). The database is filled with documents provided by city officials linked to the Alliance, or with documents found on the internet (which are relevant, from reliable sources and recent). For each pdf/document uploaded, it is created a page in which the intern will provide information on the document (date, authors, city etc.) and a summary of the content with the key points, and an explanation on why the document was selected.

In addition, the intern will integrate the material provided by the Alliance, such as online seminars, magazines, updates on the annual sharing cities summit in ALEX. All the articles added are supposed to be publicly available (as the database will be open for everyone soon), but for some confidential policies the access will be restricted, and this requires some attention in the selection process.

You will be part of a small passionate team who are constantly interacting with city officials all over the world to empower, connect and keep them up to speed with the latest in the sharing & platform economy. Our office is located in the centre of Amsterdam. We share our office with shareNL and the building with other start-ups. So you will work in a dynamic and inspiring start-up environment.

Your tasks

  • Contribute to ALEX (Alliance Lexicon) with material gathered from our network, up-to-date research, new policies and case studies

  • Monitor the latest development on the sharing economy and related fields

  • Database design and content

  • Keep the good functioning of the database

  • Check previous articles that need to be improved or modified


  • Affinity with design

  • Like to write

  • Passionate about reading and producing high quality text

  • Interested in the sharing & platform economy

  • Have an excellent level of English (speaking and writing).


Are you curious about this internship? Do you want to know more about the Sharing Cities Alliance, and meet us? Send an email to: and we’d love to invite you for a Skype call or a cup of coffee or tea at our office!  Make sure to take a look at our other vacancy as well: