The Alliance Lexicon (ALEX) is the Sharing Cities Alliance's searchable, continuously evolving database featuring a comprehensive collection of the most up to date research, reports, case studies, policies, regulations, and market developments in the sharing economy, in addition to gathering all information on Alliance core activities in one place.

Resources on ALEX are crowdsourced from cities in the Alliance and curated by the Alliance team. It is the collective memory of the cities in the Alliance. You can ask ALEX any question 24/7 and ALEX will do its best to answer you.

ALEX is currently exclusive to Sharing Cities Alliance member cities. The Sharing Cities Alliance Foundation is working with (and looking for) partners to turn ALEX into a database openly accessible for everyone.


Regulatory Aspects Affecting the Collaborative Tourism Economy in 28 EU Member States

Offers an updated look at the shared tourism accommodation sector, including peer to peer short term rental platforms and home exchange platforms, and its relationship with local regulations.

Innovative Ways to Stimulate Participation in the Sharing Economy

An online seminar on innovative ways to stimulate participation in the sharing economy, with focus on Gothenburg’s Smart Map, a tool that maps the sharing economy in this Swedish city.

New Zealand Appeals to Public to Identify Rentals, Marae and Land to be Used for Homeless

The New Zealand government is solving homelessness by calling for the public to share otherwise unitilised properties to be inhabited by those seeking social housing.


The value of ALEX depends largely on the input of city leaders from all over the world discovering and submitting research, case studies, policy proposals, draft legislation and/or best practices.To contribute content for consideration by the Alliance team, fill out the submission form below.